So This Clydesdale Clomps Onto the Track And…


This is NOT a picture of me. I am not a Clydesdale, and I am not blogging pretending to be a really big horse. My name is Rus, and I am Obese.

That’s it. Oh– and I will be running in the 2012 Baltimore Half-Marathon on October 13, 2012.

But wait– Obese people don’t run in half-marathons, do they?

No. But apparently, Clydesdales do.

You see, the term “Clydesdale” is used for extra-large runners. And, as I have already told you, I am obese.

Obese. Clydesdale. You get it.

So what about the Warrior part?

Well, that’s where it gets a little interesting.

I am assembling a team of warriors to help me lose this weight, train for this race, and just live a better life. Being twice the size of who I should be has its disadvantages (and let me tell you, when you get to this weight, there are A LOT of disadvantages– we’ll cover all of those little challenges in the days and weeks ahead).

These warriors include my wife, a running machine who is just doing everything right this year (running it up in her Newtons…), my nephew, who is currently fighting in Afghanistan for your freedoms and mine, my friend Trina who will push me and support me through the toughest of workouts, and an army of friends and supporters on Facebook that have become a second family to me. (Your comments, words of support, and suggestions are pure fuel to this Clydesdale Warrior. Pure fuel.)

What these fellow warriors are all telling me is that I have to be my own warrior. I need to be strict. Disciplined. Focused. Aggressive. I need to Man It Up and take control of my life, my diet, my training.

And when I accepted that role last night, everything changed. Everything now seems… right.

So here we are. The Clydesdale Warrior and you. Thanks for the cheers. They mean the world to me.

My next post will be THE STORY of why I am here. It’s a good one (though lacking some dragons, I’m afraid), so be sure to stop by in a day or so to get the real track-clomping dirt of where I was, where I am, and where I am going.

Exciting, huh?


10 thoughts on “So This Clydesdale Clomps Onto the Track And…

  1. Good luck and “may the force be with you”! Wish I was nearer to train alongside…oh well, guess I will just continue to be as the dr’s and medical community call me, “morbidly obese”…LOL
    ❤ Wendi

  2. Congratulations on committing to such a wonderful goal. The journey will be difficult but I know you can do it! Know that I’m thinking of your and supporting you!

    And this is a Percheron, not a Clyde, but here’s some inter-species fitness inspiration: The Jumping Percheron. I don’t think I’ve EVER known a full draft horse that could canter for more than a full laps or jump more than a foot, but this horse does dressage, show-jumping, and cross-country galloping and jumping…all in one day. So it goes to show that with a dedicated fitness regimen, anything is possible.

    You can do it!


    • My daughter was right behind you, GC, in correcting me on my horse-defining faux pas. The rest of the night, she went around calling me “Percheron Warrior.” Isn’t she wonderful?

      Still, I am thrilled with your description of the Percheron and how appropriate it still is to use in this blog… Thanks for that!

      And thank you for reading. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely and will continue to stop by….

      • Oh–well the horse in your photo might be a black Clyde. Those do exist. If it isn’t a Clyde, it is built more like a Shire than a Percheron, so that would be my second guess.
        (horse nerdity!)

    • I know this is old. But it’s neither a Clydesdale, nor a Percheron. It’s a Shire. The ways to know are that he has very long legs. Draft horses in particular do not tend to be leggy–unless they are a Shire. This one’s legs are definitely long. Also, he has a very arched neck and it’s thick. Clydes have an arch at the peak of their neck, not along the length of it. And they are proportioned more accurately in their legs. The white fringe on a Clyde may go all the way up their legs, sometimes even to their bellies, leaving a “white splash” there. A Shire is expected to have white below or only slightly above the knees, no more.

      Perchies have thick necks like this horse does, but they also have thick, powerful legs. This one’s legs are long and lean, telling us that he’s a Shire. He’s also got nice big ears, where Perchies tend more towards smaller, tighter ears.

      Now. All of that being said. Having stumbled accidentally upon this blog, I just want to say that I hope, clydesdalewarrrior, that you have kept up with your fitness. And if not (as I haven’t), to remind you (and myself) that there’s no time like today to climb back up on that (Shire) horse and get back in the arena so to speak.

      If you have (unlike me), stuck to your guns… then I congratulate you!

      All the best to you and your family. And remember, our health can sometimes be even more important to our families than it is to us.

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